A Little Salt for a Healthy Life

A little salt air, salt water in the hair… who doesn’t want that?!  It soothes our soul.  We dream about Playa Norte and those warm Caribbean breezes.



Too much salt from the beach is one thing, but too much salt in the diet is another.  For the last couple of weeks, I have been working really hard to successfully complete a 21 Day Fix Challenge.  I am determined to make a change in my health and fitness.  My dad had a heart attack at 47 and so did his father.   I am 47 and this has been on my mind a lot lately.


Easy Skinny Life’s Healthy Mexican Dish


Eating healthy on the island is not always easy.  Not only due to temptations, but it is easy to be in vacation mode.  Late night tacos after Javi finishes at Fayne’s used to haunt me!  I felt so guilty for eating that late but those tasty tacos were so yummy.  Just the smell as you walk by on Hidalgo.  Can you smell it?


Exercising is also different for me living on the island.  My comfort zone is a nice gym with air conditioning and new shiny equipment.   Gym Tonic has been my only experience with a gym on Isla and its fine, just different than I am used to.   I have great friends who meet me for walks and workouts at the south point.  There are also Zumba classes, yoga classes (which I really love), Salsa Dancing classes and other opportunities.  I have never been successful at DVD workouts alone at home, but something has clicked for me this time.   The 21 Day Fix plan has really been a good fit.  The workouts are challenging, but a quick 30 minutes and nothing crazy.  I feel successful because they are consistent.  Every day for 21 days.


Do you continue your work out
when you are on Isla?


I decided to do a little survey of 2 questions and wrap it up in a nice little give away just as a thank you for answering my questions.



time for a giveaway

If you don’t mind helping me with my research, I would love to enter you into the raffle of:





  1. 1 FREE 24 hour Golf Cart rental of a regular golf cart and a
  2. 2015 Caribe on Canvas calendar that I would be happy to mail to you.

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