Islaholic Texans, quick trip to the Isla Mujeres and IMVR

Wanna make a quick trip to the Isla Mujeres in 2020?

If you have to wear a mask,  you mind as well wear it in paradise.  Or not, if you want to rent a villa with a view, you can just stay there and we will bring in the meals and booze.

Share a house with a group of friends during your quick trip to the Isla Mujeres?

If you book directly through IMVR, we will throw in a pitcher of margaritas from Javi’s Cantina for your arrival in June or July 2019. As with all reservations through IMVR, the concierge service is included for free, the margaritas are just a bonus. We have ten years experience booking villas on the island and live here full time.  #shoplocal

Make sure to mention this promotion code when booking.