What Should I Pack for My Isla Mujeres vacation?

Top 10 Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Life easy as a Caribbean Breeze

Is there anything worse than going on vacation to find you’re missing a key accessory that could really make a difference in how you enjoy your trip? Do you have travel accessories that you just could not travel without?

The right travel accessories add so much to our travel experience! If you are like me, I am always looking for products that make everything easier, efficient and more fun. I love a new gadget, especially when it’s affordable and makes my vacation that much more enjoyable.

Here are 10 must-have travel accessories that promise to make your life as pleasant as a Caribbean breeze while you’re on vacation. Check them out!

1. Money Belt w/RFID Blocking – Concealed Travel Wallet & Passport Holder

Everyone wants to feel safe from thieves, especially when traveling. This product is more than just a fanny pack. Remember those bulky things from years past? This is definitely not that – along with a much smaller profile, the Zero Grid Money Belt actually protects your cards, passport and documents with RFID scanning protection.

The RFID blocking technology stops the lower radio frequencies used for passport and credit card scanners while allowing the higher frequencies used by cell phones to pass through. You’ll still get calls and texts, but you won’t need to worry about identity theft.

Many debit and credit cards also have RFID-scannable chips. Using black-market tools, thieves can make unauthorized charges to your card or obtain your passport information.

Talk about a ruined vacation! Big enough to hold what you need to secure, but slim enough to fit comfortably under your clothes, this is worth it!

2. Mesh Travel Bags make great travel accessories

Not only are these small enough to stash in your purse, but you can actually see what’s inside! Whether it’s for a cell phone charger or that sunscreen based lip balm, these are a must have.

The looped zipper makes it easy to open, and you get 5 bags, so you can make sure you’ve got what you need for your suitcase and beach bag, too. An organized vacation is a smooth vacation!

3. Travel Strap

“I don’t know about you, but I love wrestling my suitcases when I travel,”…said no one ever. You only have two hands, and one of them should be preparing for an umbrella drink – not trying to carry everything you own. Make your life easier with a travel strap! These straps:

  • Are Durable: The buckles are very strong and will not be easily disconnected. When unpacking, you can quickly release the clips so you can get what you need without wasting time. 
  • Free up your Hands: It allows you to carry another bag effortlessly, attaches to virtually any suitcase and wheeled luggage, and easily combines your bags. You can also grip your thick jacket, muffler, neck pillow, camera bag or other clothes.  The straps make it easy to keep bags (and other items) tethered to your suitcase so you can keep moving along.
  • Take up Very Little Space: Store this travel strap in a bag or even your pocket when not in use. Very convenient for carrying during travel.

4. Multiple USB Wall Charger

Whenever you’re traveling, especially to another country, you should always make sure you have a charger that can keep your phone and other electronics going while you’re there. Not only is this a great way to help ensure your safety, but let’s face it – it’s nice to have something to do on the plane or car ride there and back! 

Great news – you don’t have to purchase 5 different chargers – this is the only one you’ll ever need! Not only does it identify the type of device (so it can deliver the right amount of power whether you have an iPhone or iPad), but it has four ports so family and friends can use it simultaneously, as well.

And, it has a plug to accommodate outlets wherever your travels take you, near or far! This company stands by their product with a pretty decent warranty and 24 hour customer support. 

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5. Travel Power Strip

Another accessory on our must-have list is this power strip. This power strip includes a 15 inch extension cord so you can actually use your electronics away from the wall.

And, this has over-voltage protection, along with short circuit protection (and is flame retardant), so you can trust that your valuable devices – even laptops – are covered.

Actually, this is cool enough to use at home, as well, but if you need to stay charged for all of your adventures, this power strip is it!

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6. Pacsafe Travel Safe

Let’s face it – you don’t want to think about safety when you’re traveling, but it’s important to consider before you go. This Pacsafe® Dry 15L Travelsafe Anti-Theft Waterproof Backpack is as tough as they come.

This safe has the ability to keep your personal items secure from thieves and the elements. It’s constructed from 1000D Nylonx900D Polyester, 0.15mm TPU. This bag is high-frequency welded, and 360° eXomesh® guarded with an RFIDsafe™ pocket to help protect your valuable information from being scanned illegally.

And, it has a waterproof IPX6 coating and a sealed roll-top closure, in case you get caught in the rain. The shoulder straps are slash-proof, meaning it can’t be cut from behind while you’re enjoying the sights. And, it has a water bottle pocket and side zip pocket, so you can carry your wallet and stay hydrated.

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7. Sand Free Towels

I love the beach, but we can be honest and admit that carting sand back to our hotel rooms is not one of the enjoyable parts of a day in the sun.

This Sand Free blanket is where it’s at! Using technology that combines a waterproof layer with texture that lets sand slide right off, you absolutely cannot go to the beach again without it!

And, it has sand pockets, along with 6 stakes to make sure it stays in place while you enjoy that wonderful breeze. It’s large enough to fit 12 adults but folds up small enough to fit into your beach bag or carry on in a snap. With a lifetime warranty, this is totally worth it.

8. Travel accessories, travel gadgets, easy travel, gadget ideas are everything in a Sand Coaster

Who needs a bit of sand in their drink? I’m guessing you don’t have your hand raised.

These remind me of the beach spikers we used to carry. Sand Coasters are a great way to keep your cold drink out of the hot sand, and leave the sand where it’s supposed to be! 

And, the bright colors make them easy to spot, so you can find it easily after splashing off during some fun in the sun!

9. Waterproof Speaker

What would a day (or few days) at the beach be without a little music to set the mood right? This JBL speaker is great to clip on and go.

And, it’s waterproof which makes it great at the beach. Even better, it has 10 hours of play time so it’s there for you all day long. It also gets great reviews and is quite stylish to boot. Get yours today!

10 : CaliCase Extra Large Waterproof Floating Case

When you are on Playa Norte, don’t you want to be in the gorgeous water? No one wants to worry about their phone on the beach!

Sand and salt water can wreak havoc on your phone, but you can enjoy your time while knowing your phone stays protected – and functional – in this waterproof case! It has a clear window so you can take those awesome pictures of the fun you’re having.

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