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Women’s Bead Cooperative

The Women’s Bead Cooperative in Isla Mujeres is a community-based organization that provides support and economic empowerment to local women through the production and sale of handmade beaded jewelry. Founded in 2004, the cooperative currently has over 40 members who work together to create beautiful, high-quality jewelry that reflects the unique culture and heritage of […]

Isla Animals Since its founding, Isla Animals has grown to become one of the largest animal rescue organizations in the region. The organization operates a shelter on the island, where they provide food, shelter, and medical care for rescued animals. They also work to find loving homes for their rescued animals both on the island and […]


Lomi is a non-profit organization located in Isla Mujeres that provides assistance and support to local families in need. The organization is affiliated with the Lean on Me International network and operates on a volunteer basis, relying on donations and grants to fund its activities. Lomi offers a range of services to families, including food […]

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