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Give your group an experience to remember with local chefs and local flavor with live local music right in your own rental.
Not sure your rental will accommodate?  Traveling in smaller groups or solo?  Not to worry.  Join a Dinnertainment Soirée. These are small groups you can join to experience the magic.

It’s more than just a private chef and dinner, it is an intimate dining entertainment experience.  We do all the shopping and preparing then cook for you at your villa.  If you want to join in, make it a cooking class just for you.

We start with drinks, 1 per person are included in the cost.  Javi makes authentic margaritas that are sure to have you wanting more.  More pitchers are available at cost.

These drinks are enjoyed with appetizers, typically Guacamole, Shrimp Ceviche and Pico de Gallo with chips.

After the yummy spinach, strawberry salad, next comes the entree.  We are flexible and offer fresh fish, shrimp, lobster (extra cost) or arracherra prepared so special, you won’t forget it. With stir fried rice and fresh vegetables.

While you eat, we are preparing dessert to serve right out of the oven while Javi plays guitar and sings.  Any musicians in your group, the more the merrier!  Marla is sure to sing as well.

Dinnertainment is not just a stuffy dinner party, it is an experience to remember. Download our flier

What does a night of fun at this private party cost? Our rate is $60 per person.  Reservations are required

And there is more…

We also offer a wide variety of private chef and catering services.  Welcome snacks and drinks at your villa, breakfasts, lunch, dinner or just snacks by the pool.  Reasonably priced and delivered or prepared in your villa.

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and visit our website  www.dinnertainmentislamujeres.com

Dinnertainment… personal chefs, personal musicians, cooking lessons and a NEW WAY to enjoy Fireball! My belly and my heart are full. xoxo  Shelley Roberts

Marla and Javier made quite an impression last week providing the perfect combination of food and entertainament specifically tailored to our request. Seven ladies, dinner buffet, extraordinary drinks, a fun round of sing alongs, plus a field trip to watch their band perform live in downtown Isla. After a relaxing day by the pool my girlfriends and I let Marla do it all, and we took home fabulous memories and feel we have made friends for life! Thank you!! And make sure you get Marla to sing too – what a beautiful voice!  Cathy Kearns

A memorable, useful and immersive experience and a highlight of my trip. They kindly tailored the cooking course to fit the one person – covering everything from the supermarket to the dinner table with good humour, authentic local flavours (chili-concentration calculated to my foreign palette) and expertly creative guidance. Not for those looking for a pre-fabricated course lifted from a recipe book, Javi takes you off the tourist trail into a free-style and fun cooking in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Everything I learnt was recorded by Marla’s photography so I am definitely going to attempt to recreate Chili Rellenos and all the dips and drinks that went with it! Anna Wakelin

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