Scavenger Hunt Tips and Tricks

  1. Establish teams
  2. Include a prize or trophy
  3. Set a minimum number of items to complete
  4. Determine a start time and an end time with meeting times in the middle.
  5. Consider a game that lasts several days.
  6. Build in meeting times and places so that you are still spending time together as a group.
  7. Give point values for being late to the meeting spot.
  8. Assign extra points to the team who has collected the most items.
  9. Assign higher point value for items collected verses photo only
    10.Use Golf Carts to get around the island.
  10. Use the photos at the end of the game to create an online photo album
    12.When taking photos of the item on the list, make sure you include team members.
  11. Assign extra points for teams who get more creative with their shots.
    14.Establish an item to use to compare size of the largest iguana in phots