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Scavenger Hunts have been around for gazillions of years!  What a better way to see the island than through a guided experience that can be personalized to fit your group.  We are just starting on this page, but check back often for more hunts.

Everyone knows that cruising aimlessly on a golf cart in paradise can be great fun.  But when you are looking for a little more, scavenger hunts can be just the solution.

Have kids?  It is difficult to understand how anyone could be bored on Isla, but sometimes kids need some loose structure. Our kid-friendly versions can help entertain your children and give them focus. More will be added in the coming weeks.

Visiting Isla for a special occasion?  We can help create a custom game just for your group.

Our motto is that Isla should be experienced.  Let our Scavenger Hunts help.

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LOGO: We have a new logo using the same color scheme as before.  Don’t you love how those colors just pop on the dark grey background?  This logo also compliments are sister site,

BETTER SEARCHING: While we are still working on this feature, you will be able to search properties based on the specifics that are important to you like price or island location.  Until we get this feature completed, you can still access the properties under the properties link in the top menu.

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Working with us!  We offer more than just a reservation.  It is our mission that Isla is a place where you experience more and make memories that last a life time.  That means every detail from getting to the island and experiencing the culture to the fullest!  We look forward to hearing from you.

A little salt air, salt water in the hair… who doesn’t want that?!  It soothes our soul.  We dream about Playa Norte and those warm Caribbean breezes.



Too much salt from the beach is one thing, but too much salt in the diet is another.  For the last couple of weeks, I have been working really hard to successfully complete a 21 Day Fix Challenge.  I am determined to make a change in my health and fitness.  My dad had a heart attack at 47 and so did his father.   I am 47 and this has been on my mind a lot lately.


Easy Skinny Life’s Healthy Mexican Dish


Eating healthy on the island is not always easy.  Not only due to temptations, but it is easy to be in vacation mode.  Late night tacos after Javi finishes at Fayne’s used to haunt me!  I felt so guilty for eating that late but those tasty tacos were so yummy.  Just the smell as you walk by on Hidalgo.  Can you smell it?


Exercising is also different for me living on the island.  My comfort zone is a nice gym with air conditioning and new shiny equipment.   Gym Tonic has been my only experience with a gym on Isla and its fine, just different than I am used to.   I have great friends who meet me for walks and workouts at the south point.  There are also Zumba classes, yoga classes (which I really love), Salsa Dancing classes and other opportunities.  I have never been successful at DVD workouts alone at home, but something has clicked for me this time.   The 21 Day Fix plan has really been a good fit.  The workouts are challenging, but a quick 30 minutes and nothing crazy.  I feel successful because they are consistent.  Every day for 21 days.


Do you continue your work out
when you are on Isla?


I decided to do a little survey of 2 questions and wrap it up in a nice little give away just as a thank you for answering my questions.



time for a giveaway

If you don’t mind helping me with my research, I would love to enter you into the raffle of:





  1. 1 FREE 24 hour Golf Cart rental of a regular golf cart and a
  2. 2015 Caribe on Canvas calendar that I would be happy to mail to you.

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What fun it was being featured on HGTV’s National TV series Beachfront Bargain Hunt.  You can actually download it from Amazon here. Our part was about 40 seconds of the whole episode.

Back in the spring, I received a call from HGTV and asked if we would be interested in being part of the show they were filming here with Ashley and Todd Wilkens’ purchase of Casa Paraiso.  Of course I said Yes!  Javi and I both immediately became so excited.  When I spoke with Ashley about it, she too was excited and we talked about how great it would be for the island as well.  Even though we all know we want to keep it a secret.

I continued working with HGTV to get some other spots for them for other parts of the show and connections for a place to film our part based on what they were looking for.  One thing was they wanted it on the beach with a palapa at sunset.  Think about that for a minute… where would that be?  Fortunately, Miriam agreed to help us at her place, Su Casa, on Sac Bajo.  It was actually perfect.  Even the wedding that was going on just before we arrived was super flexible.

Even though this was different than our Dinnertainment experience we offer, it was still SO much fun.  My bracelets were making too much noise, so we took those off.  There was no blender to blend the roasted tomato salsa, but we made it work.

We had such a great time with Ashley and Todd Wilkens and the crew of the show even came to Fayne’s that night to hang out with us.

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From Tiffany Wareing

COMMUNITY NEWS, July 26th 2014

Artist Fair Aug 7 2014 5:30-9:30ARTIST FAIR – August 7th, 5:30pm to 9:30pm, ZocalThe next Artist Fair is Thursday, August 7th from 5:30 to 9:30pm (summer hours) in the Zocalo.  If weather is an issue it will be postponed until Friday, August 8th.  We are still looking for someone interested in renting tables.  If anyone knows someone at Loncheros, Tiburones or any of the other big places with lots of plastic tables& chairs have them contact Kristen at  We would love for them to come & rent tables to our participants.  Registration is now in the fiscalization office, just East of the basketball court at the end of the Municipio building.  You may register from 10 to noon.  Please do encourage people to participate & attend.  It is an incredible venue for our local artists & food vendors to sell their talents.




On social media sites people have been asking what is needed & what can be brought down for the hospital & our medical staff.  Jorge recently asked the nurses & doctors & they are in need of scrubs.  Any donated new or gently used scrubs in small, medium & large would be very appreciated.


DIABETES CLINIC – October 2014

From Karen Rosenberg, clinic organizer:  “Diabetes supplies needed! In October 2014, we will be doing our 5th Diabetes Clinic in La Gloria, Isla Mujeres. This is a joint project of bilingual social workers, nurses and other health professionals originally from the USA, working with Isleno community partners from La Gloria and the Red Cross. Some patients come in for screening, while many have already been diagnosed with diabetes and are on medications. The majority of walk-ins are untreated and undiagnosed. Very few patients have access to expensive meters or strips, and that is the main emphasis of the clinic. Diabetics are taught to use the meters to self monitor their blood sugar levels and we also do diabetes education. Diabetes is the primary cause of death now in Mexico. “

“We are in great need of donations of meters and strips (preferably Contour, Contour Next and OneTouch but will accept any donations) and other diabetes supplies (syringes, alcohol swabs, lancets, etc). If you have any connection with pharmaceutical companies or reps, doctor’s offices or hospitals that can donate these supplies, (even recently expired) please contact me via PM If you are on Isla, you can bring donations to Kathy Ennis. If you would like to donate money so that we can buy strips to bring down, you can do so through paypal or check. To receive a formal “request proposal” or if you have any questions, please PM or email me at patients have access to expensive meters or strips, and that is the main emphasis of the clinic. Diabetics are taught to use the meters to self monitor their blood sugar levels and we also do diabetes education. Diabetes is the primary cause of death now in Mexico. “



Isla Animals hosted a clinic on Sunday, July 13th at Hacienda Mundaca.  Twenty-two dogs were spayed & neutered, 10 bathed, 6 groomed, over 60 vaccinated & over 100 received flea & tick medicine.  One family brought a momma & her 6 pups in to see Dr. Arturo. The family knew they needed help.  All the dogs were too malnourished for surgery.  The mom was immediately put on doxycycline for ehrlichia.  The babies were given meds for worms, ringworm, fleas, ticks & mange.  They were sent home with food.  Isla Animal volunteers have been doing outreach home visits daily to the family in the jungle where they live.   The dogs are doing much better as pictured above.  Volunteers are welcome for home visits.  Please



Update from Jackie Conlon, Sponsor: “Isla Mujeres Scholarship Program is looking for more sponsors. There are going to be 5 new students brought into the program July/August. The hope is that sponsors of the university students who recently graduated will move to a new student team. Even so there is a need for more sponsors to help these students make ends meet in order to stay in school. Maria Jose will be joining the program for a July/August start at university. She has been an excellent student all her life, dedicated and mature beyond her 17 years. Since she loves math and physics and excels in them, she has decided to study petroleum engineering. It means going to Vera Cruz to study, a long way from home! But she is one exceptional young lady, and I think she will be a great success.  Raul, one of the recent university graduates is working in his trained field at an architecture firm doing Autocad. He is still working on his thesis and hopes to be done in a few months. He will then receive his titulo and will earn a higher wage possibly with more responsibilities. He is a great guy and one more success story. He had a dream at 13 to become an architect.”


Update from Cindy Lou, Sponsor:  “We need a few more sponsors or a few one time donations for our teams student in order for her to start in august. Here is her background. Arlet Canche Pool – is the final student we are starting at this time. She would like to go into law (not sure what area yet) and intimately get her license to practice. She is the oldest of 3 children and her mom is single parenting. They live in the Guadalupana settlement, which means they have only a hose for water for the house and do not have electricity unless they have some sort of generator or battery hooked up for a couple of hours in the evening. She is very dedicated and her mother is begging for a chance for her daughter to realize her dreams. Arlet has a younger brother who is also ready to study at the university, but it isn’t clear there are funds for both. If we can increase the scholarship enough to cover both, that would be great.”



Founder of Keys4Life is also a musician& will be playing on August 2 from 7 to 9pm at Barlito.  Ken’s performance fee & all his tips will go to Keys4Life.



Update from Gwen Brown, “A new student, Maria Jose Cruz Tun has been introduced to the RBSF thanks to Glenn & Abram Barefoot’s generous donation.  The fifth annual Reeling for Ronnie Fishing Tournament raised $15,000 this past June.  Many thanks to all the anglers & Richard Lock of the Lock Search Group for their contributions & participation.”


VOLUNQUEST – July 21st through August 18th, public schools

The Volunquest summer camps for the public school has begun.   This is a recent post from the founder of Volunquest, Kristen Tywan, “We still have lines out the door of my office in the school of eager parents hoping to get their kids into the afternoon turn. The turnout is more than twice as much than what I expected, and we have already had 5 volunteers that are residents and visitors show up to help out during class and activity time. It you are interested in chaperoning a field trip or helping out during the camp, please sign up at VolunteerSpot today! EVERYONE is welcome and appreciated.”   Here is the link to sign up for Public School Volunteer Opportunities on @VolunteerSpot today!



Zapatos para los Ninos will be handing out donated shoes this weekend.  Anyone interested in helping out, please contact Greg or Natalie at




Andrea Healey , a frequent visitor of Isla has taken it upon herself to create, print & donate a coloring book on helmet education for the kids in the public school system.  She has been working closely with Volunquest& the Red Cross on the development of the coloring book. There has been a lot of discussion on Facebook about helmets for children.  The laws have not required children to wear them & they are expensive when kids are growing quickly.  We do recommend an approved scooter helmet from Yamaha or Honda not a bicycle helmet.  There was mention of doing a big helmet drive.  This is something that would be well received & is needed.  The public schools reach the broadest range of kids from all neighborhoods & all socio economic backgrounds.  Volunquest could easily organize this within the schools, the Municipio & with DIF.  If people are interested in heading this up or participating, please message or email us.



Two of our foreign residents worked with Optica Betal Optometrists from Cancun  to provide vision testing & fittings of glasses for children with vision issues in the public schools. The Optometrists tested the vision of all students in the primary and secondary schools. They returned multiple times in the months of February and March, 2014 and tested more than 2,000 student. More than 500 students (and school staff) were identified as needing glasses.  A total of 301 kids including some staff were able to get glasses very inexpensively thanks to the generous donation of a few people. We hope this program becomes an annual event in the schools to give children the tools necessary to grow & learn.  If anyone is interested in learning more about this please contact me for information.



As one of Agapito’s campaign promises, he & his administration are supplying uniforms, shoes & some basic school supplies to each public school student for the start of the 2014/2015 school year to lessen the financial burden on our local families.  Volunquest is still collecting school supplies to improve the learning tools for our kids & create a more productive environment for each student in the classroom. School begins on August 20th.   If you don’t want to haul an extra bag or more pounds, you can always go to Dunosusa to get toilet paper, soap, toothpaste & toothbrushes or Chedraui for school supplies like colored pencils, glue, erasers, tape, pencils, scissors, markers, crayons, pencil cases & backpacks.  If you have any questions, please contact Kristen Tywan at



Larry Joe Taylor recently had his 17th annual Island Time Trip here on Isla Mujeres which included a concert at Jax that was a fundraiser for the Little Yellow School House.  His desire to take a vacation & still perform to benefit one of our local charities shows the character of a truly generous & kind person.  Thanks for giving back to the Isla community.  Check out Larry Joe’s website at



Update from Jackie Conlon, Isla Mujeres Scholarship Sponsor & community activist, “I have good news to share with you all regarding the family that I posted about last week. This is the family someone posted on Merca Isla about where the young girls were in their home alone and preparing food in an unsafe way. The local community did provide the family with some donations including, food, staples and household goods. The family’s immediate needs were lessened. However, there still is a need for further assistance.  I contacted Ken Wanovich, the Executive Director of Keys 4 Life to see if this was something that they would take on. Ken put a proposal to the Board of Directors. The Board agreed that they will take a look at the total dollars received from now until Sunday, July 27th and use the funds received to help this family .”  We will happily report next Newsletter how Keys4Life was able to help.


The Public School Summer Camps with 50 local kids started their swim lessons at Marina Paraiso’s Club Islenos pool this past Wednesday.  We handed out a new swim suit to all but 6 boys.  We didn’t have as many mens suits.  We have received two so four more & then all 50 kids will be with a new suit.  We are still collecting suits, we will have Volunquest’s 250 kids to donate to as well as locals from age 4 to adult come September when we start classes with the Navy as instructors.

The next clinic will be in October 2015. Contact Karen Rosenberg or Kathy Ennis at or FB either of us. We accept monetary donations too and will buy strips to bring down.The next clinic will be in October 2015. Contact Karen Rosenberg at or Kathy Ennis or FB either of us. We accept monetary donations too and will buy strips to bring down. 

We are in great need of donations of meters and strips (preferably Contour, Contour Next and OneTouch but will accept any donations) and other diabetes supplies (syringes, alcohol swabs, lancets, etc). If you have any connection with pharmaceutical companies or reps, doctor’s offices or hospitals that can donate these supplies, (even recently expired) please contact me via PM or If you are on Isla, you can bring donations to Kathy Ennis. If you would like to donate money so that we can buy strips to bring down, you can do so through paypal or check. To receive a formal “request proposal” or if you have any questions, please PM or email me at kfrlisw@gmail SPECIAL THANKS

A special thanks to all those who dropped off donations since the last newsletter at Marina Paraiso.  We received lots of awesome swim suits, shoes, school supplies & clothing. Your generosity for our community is so appreciated.


We hope this community newsletter keeps you all informed on the happenings of Isla Mujeres.  Feel free to share with anyone interested!  Down below please find contact information for some of our non-profits& community events.